August 15, 2018

Security update for File Sanctuary Cloud

We have recently been made aware of a critical security update to the Xen hypervisor software, which we use as the foundation of the File Sanctuary Cloud. We need to apply this update immediately due to the severity of the issue. Services will begin to go down within the next few minutes and will come back up once the updates are complete. This update requires us to reboot each node in our cloud, which will involve customer Cloud Servers being shut down and restarted too. As a result there will be brief periods when Cloud Servers, Web and Email Hosting accounts, and our customer portal become temporarily unavailable.

We apologise for the disruption, we wanted to do this outside of office hours but the severity necessitated immediate action. We will of course endeavour to complete this work as quickly as possible. We appreciate your understanding and patience whilst we carry out this urgent work to keep you safe.